Thursday 13th April 2017

Cray Wanderers FC Update: First Pictures of Green Belt Friendly Stadium.

Cray Wanderers FC have today released first pictures of their Green Belt Friendly stadium to address the Mayors Concerns.

The new design introduces an extra football pitch and reduces the height of the stadium and buildings from 4/5 storeys to 2/3 storeys.

Image: Overall site plan


Chairman Gary Hillman says “Following the refusal of our original scheme by The Mayor we have looked at various ways to meet the criteria and to keep the openness of the Green Belt. Many members of the public have commented that there is an existing large 5 storey high nightclub/residential building and scaffold yard currently on the site and have been shocked by The Mayors decision, but we know it is vital to address his concerns.”

“We have therefore rotated the stadium and reduced the height considerably which is now below the height of the existing building and also the excessive tons of landfill earth which was permitted to be tipped a few years ago on the golf driving range neighbouring us.

As you can see by the quick site comparison, the new stadium is now approx. 6 m below the existing building and 3 m below the landfill earth.”



Image: Current Buildings

Image:  Site comparison to current buildings & landfills


“We have now employed Specialist Consultants to carry out an exact ‘Design and Massing’ study of the buildings and site to demonstrate that our new proposal will have no impact of the openness of the Green Belt on the site, which will be a vital part of our new planning application.”

Friday 24th March 2017

Cray Wanderers FC planning team met with the GLA at city hall on Thursday 23rd March 2017 for a pre-application planning meeting to discuss their new revised scheme, which they now feel addresses the reasons why The Mayor directed London Borough of Bromley Council to refuse the previous application.

The new proposal now has –

  • A reduction in previously developed land on the site
  • A reduction in residential and commercial floor areas
  • A reduction in height of buildings
  • An extra community football pitch
  • More Green Belt openness

Gary Hillman, chairman said “We were delighted with how the meeting went and it was good to go into depth of all aspects of our proposal and the very special circumstances that the club has put forward.

Although the site currently has a five storey building, scaffold yard, and other unsightly developments, because it is classified as Green Belt we need to respect this and deal with all issues that this brings in planning terms.

Therefore, with the new lower height massing of the buildings we are demonstrating that we can improve the openness of the green belt and at the same time bring in a much needed facilities for the club and all the community.

We are pleased with The Mayor’s plans to make London ‘The Sporting Capital of the World’ and has proven this with his positive decisions with AFC Wimbledon and Chelsea FC’s new stadium.

So as London’s oldest Football Club needing a ground for their very survival we are hoping that he doesn’t forget about the grass roots of football.”

Cray Wanderers FC are looking to submit this new application within 4-6 weeks.

Sunday 19th March 2017

“I want to see Cray Wanderers at their own ground, says promotion winning goalscorer Simon Osborn.

A FORMER Premier League footballer has condemned London Mayor Sadiq Khan for putting London’s oldest football club’s future at risk.

Cray Wanderers were founded back in 1860 but their very own future is at risk over the London Mayor continually knocking back the club’s proposals to build a new stadium in Chislehurst…”


Friday 17th March 2017

Cray Wanderers Football Club (CWFC) submitted a planning application in early 2016 to Bromley Council to build a new home ground and community facilities on the site of Flamingo Park, A20 Sidcup by-pass, Chislehurst, BR7 6HL. The application was approved by Bromley Council in April 2016, however upon referral was later refused by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, and subsequently became the subject of a public inquiry following the Secretary of State’s call-in decision.

The mayor has allocated and authorised £145,000 to fight the public inquiry, proving their resolve and resistance to our previous scheme. Upon legal advice, we have decided not to fight this battle and have therefore withdrawn from the public enquiry to instead approach our quest through a new proposal. The new scheme has been created through consultation with the London Borough of Bromley Council and the Greater London Authority (GLA), and the Board aims to submit a new application within the next four to six weeks.

“What initially appears as a setback is a progressive step to work with the council, the mayor and the GLA to satisfy their planning concerns, but as importantly, to finally deliver our committed fans and loyal supporters a home for the oldest football club in London.” – Gary Hillman, Chairman of Cray Wanderers Football Club.

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Cray’s planning decision to be reviewed by the Secretary of State
We are pleased to say that the Secretary of State, Greg Clarke, has now called-in Cray Wanderers’ planning application for Flamingo Park to determine the decision after Sadiq Khan had recommended to London Borough of Bromley to refuse the scheme.

Further to Bromley’s approval of the scheme, Peter Dean, Committee chairman said “The irony of this latest twist is not lost on us and we remain comfortable with our decision.”

Local MP Bob Neill, who has supported the application throughout, opinion of Sadiq Khan’s decision has been summarised in his press release “This is a real boost for Cray Wanderers’ application. It means that it will now get a fair and unbiased hearing before an independent planning inspector, and would also suggest that ministers and officials at the Department for Communities and Local Government share the concerns many of us have raised that the Mayor of London has overturned this application for the wrong reasons.”

We have been advised to anticipate a date for the enquiry shortly and to get a decision within 6 months.

We understand the frustration this has caused our 14 teams, parents, community scheme and supporters alike, but remain passionately committed to delivering our goal which has always been to create a sporting flagship facility for Bromley and the community.

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LATEST NEWS: 23rd June 2016

Cray Wanderers and the Community are understandably disappointed by the Mayors current opinion of their proposal. Pending the conclusion of the Secretary of State referral and the official determination of the planning application, the club will not be making any further comment to the press at this time

Cray Wanderers Football Club were successfully granted approval (subject to conditions) for their application to build a multi-purpose stadium on Flamingo Park, Sidcup By Pass Road, Chislehurst.

Bromley Council’s planning committee voted in favour of the scheme by a comfortable majority, after a presentation from Bob Mcquillan and written support from Bob Neil MP, Sport England, the FA and London Sport, amongst many others. This decision will now be referred to the London Mayor and the Secretary of State for ratification and is subject to planning conditions to be proposed by the Council.

Assuming the above criteria is met, this decision will finally result in an outstanding stadium, community regeneration scheme and long awaited home for London’s oldest football club.

Gary Hillman, CWFC’s chairman said,

“I want to thank Bromley’s planning committee for appreciating the community benefits and genuine common sense of our scheme to finally provide Cray Wanderers FC with a home, I would equally thank the incredible support from fans and Bromley residents to make our dream a reality”


More news coming soon…