Hi Members, Friends, and Potential Members,

The Draw for January has been made and our thanks go to ten-year-old Archie Aldridge for retrieving the winningnumbers for us.

Sadly though, we have had to, only very slightly, reduce the prize amounts due to the covid-19 virus causing a few Members  to rethink their financial positions. 

Please visit the 100 Club page of this website under About – 100 Club for the form how to apply to join.

It is hoped that it will serve as an incentive to persuade others to join our Club which then allows us to increasethe monthly prizes back to, and even beyond, the previous month’s figures. Spread it around if you can, thanks.

Now, herewith the Results for January 2021.

The Ist Prize, of £140, goes to the holder of number 44, Mr. Ronald Keeley of Orpington Kent.

The Second Prize, of £60, has been won by the holder of the number 69, Mr. Archie Jewell of Thundersley, Essex.

The Third Prize, of £30, is won by the holder of the number, 40, it is going to, Mr. Jack Gold, of Dartford, Kent. 

Congratulations to our winning trio, and the very best of luck to you ALL for the February Draw.

A Reminder. Please let me know if you change your Postal Address/Phone number/Email Address. I don’t want tosend winners cheques to the wrong place!

Stay Safe Everyone.

Kind Regards,


Mr. K. Phillips, CWFC Life President, &Monthly Draw Club Administrator.