Our Club Sponsors

The Acorn Group, South London and North Kent’s Leading Independent Property Specialist.

Founded in 1984 as a one-office, independent estate agency, The Acorn Group now employs over 300 staff, working from over 30 different offices and divisions.

We are privileged to have a company as prestigious and prosperous as The Acorn Group as a chief sponsor of Cray Wanderers and we thank them for their support.

Cray Wanderers welcome our newest sponsors… Fastned, the European rapid electric vehicle charging company!

Fastned’s mission is to give freedom to electric drivers and accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. Their goal is a European network of a 1000 fast charging stations on prime locations, where all electric vehicles can charge with renewable energy from the sun and wind.

We’re so happy to have Fastned as our main club sponsor!

The Cray Wanderers team are always eager to form new working relationships!
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