Hi Everyone,
Because of the nasty virus situation a change in our normal method of making the Draw
had to be made for this, (and perhaps next), month.
It was not possible to venture into the public arena so I decided to bring in help.
Therefore I asked  my, nearly 12 year old,  Grandaughter Mia, to make the actual draw, it was videoed by my  Daughter, Natasha, all of us standing the required six feet apart.

You can see the video here:

The first number Mia extracted was 19, the holder of which, Linda Hodson of St. Mary Cray,
wins the First Prize of £150.
2nd Prize of £65. goes to the holder of number 83, Alan Borrett of Penge, London S.E.20
and the 3rd Prize of £35, was won by the holder of number 42, Tony Lettington, of Bromley.
Many thanks to Mia and Natasha for your help.
Your support is much appreciated.
Stay safe and follow the advice we have been given to keep healthy. You know it makes sense.
Kind Regards to You All,
CWFC Life President, & 100 Club Administrator.