Hello to Members, Friends, and Potential new members.

On Saturday 5th December at Flamingo Park, Cray played a ‘Free-to-All’ friendly match against Basildon FC.

During this game, the November Draw was made. The draw was undertaken for us by Neil Kerly, a friend of Sam, CWFC’s CEO. 

Following the Draw, Neil said he wished to become a member of our 100 Club. We welcome his kind gesture. Many thanks Neil.

Herewith the results of Neil’s task.

First Prize, £150, went to number 39 holder, Mr. Daniel Hillman of Green-St-Green. Kent.

2nd Prize, £65, was won by the holder of number 14, Mr. John O’grady of Orpington Kent.

3rd Prize goes to the holder of number 53, Mr. Adrian Jewell of Thundersley Essex.

Congratulations to the winning trio.

Just a thought. If you are wondering what to get for someone as a Christmas present, how about a membership of the 100 Club? Only a suggestion.
Usually, the December Draw would take place during the last home fixture of that month which, this year, would have been on Bank Holiday Monday the 28th. when Cray is scheduled to play Margate FC. However, we are not in ‘usual’ times so we may have to arrange it on a different date, time and place. If there is a change it will be shown on the Club website, www.cray-wanderers.com

Finally, may I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and an exceptionally wonderful and, Happy New Year.
Kindest Regards, 


K. Phillips, CWFC Life President & 100 Club Administrator.