Good Morning Members & Friends of the CWFC 100 Club Monthly Draw.
Yesterday, at half-time in the FA Cup match against Hythe Town FC, (which Cray won 5-0 incidently), the August Draw took place.
The Draw itself was rather unique as two little girls, who turned out to be sisters, Bobbi and Remi Chiverton, probably about 4 & 6 years of age, muscled their way in and virtuously demand to be allowed to make the Draw!   So, they did, and here are the results of their actions!
1st Prize, of £150 was won, with number 20, by Arthur Hillman, who happens to be
the father of Cray Wanderers FC€™s Chairman, Gary Hillman.
Arthur however, has chosen not to take a penny of his winnings and has donated it,
in it€™s entirety, back to the Club. Thank you Arthur.
2nd Prize, of £65 was won, with number 17, by€¦€¦Me. I have of course followed Arthur€™s
kind gesture and have also donated it back to the Club.
3rd Prize, of £35, goes to holder of number 48, Mr P. Ogan.
The 4th, and final Prize of Season Tickets, went to holder on number 73 Beckie Goringe.
Congratulation to the winners, and thank you all for your support of Cray Wanderers FC
Good Luck for the September Draw which, on looking at the forthcoming fixtures, should
take place on Saturday 28th. This could change of course depending on the elements, cup
games etc. etc.
Kind Regards,
CWFC Life President and 100 Club Administrator.