Hi, all 100 Club Members, Friends, and Members to be!

The draw was made once again by my 10-year-old grandson, Archie Aldridge and thank you to Archie for doing the draw for us.

 During these difficult ‘lockdown’ times, it is of course virtually impossible to make a Draw. 

in the public  arena without breaking the law, something we most certainly do not wish to do.

So, here is what Archie came up with:

The first ball out is number 53 held by, Adrian Jewell of Thundersley Essex, who wins the 1st prize of £140.

The next ball out has the number 73 on it, held by Beckie Goringe of Woore, Shropshire, who takes the 2nd prize of £60. 

The 3rd prize of £30 goes to Richard Stone of Green-St.-Green, Orpington, Kent, holder of number 62. 

Congratulations to the Winners, and good luck to everyone in the next monthly Draw.

The Football may currently be ‘in limbo’, but the 100 Club has adopted the ‘motto’ of the Windmill Theatre during ww2, “We Never Close” 

Stay Safe Everyone and Best Wishes to All.