Hello Everyone, 100 Club Members, Friends, Supporters, Et Al.

Yesterday afternoon (29/7/21) Club Officials and friends gathered in a new venue to us all to effect the July Draw.

We ventured forth to the ‘Wig and Gown’ Public House in Spital Street Dartford. It turned out to be a verynice place indeed. We were agreed that it is an establishment we can heartily recommend a visit to if youare in the area. 

To make the Draw we are thankful to the Landlady of the above venue, Yvonne Rickards. Here are the resultsof her efforts.

The first numbered ball extracted by Yvonne was ’49’. The holder of which is Colin Head of Bromley who wins£150.

The second prize, of £65 goes to the holder of number ’90’, Paul Bennett of London SE9.

The third and final prize of £35 was won by the holder of number ’17’ which happens to be Me! I will not of course be taking the prize, it will be added to the 100 Clubs monthly donation to Cray Wanderers FC.

Talking of which, I am delighted to tell you all that the new Manager of CWFC is a former and very well-known ex-professional player, Danny Kedwell. This is his first role as a Manager and we wish him well in his new position.

Your continuous support is of course a great help in the running of the Club especially in these difficult and testing times, thank you.

Our aim is to make the 100 Club into a 200 Club one day, so the more ‘Members’ we get the bigger the prizes can be as wellas the more help we can give to Cray Wanderers FC. London’s old Football Club, established in 1860!

 Good luck in the future draws during the playing season when the monthly Draws are scheduled to  take place, live, at  half-time during the last home game of each month.

Regards to You All, Kerry.


CWFC Life President,& Administrator of the CWFC Monthly Draw ‘100 Club’.