Hi to All Members and Friends, of the CWFC Monthly Drawn 100 Club.

Yesterday, at the chosen venue of The Sir John Franklin Public House a group of the honoraria of Cray Wanderers FC gathered to officiate the

November Draw assisted by the lady of the establishment, Carrie Rider, who kindly agreed to facilitate the actual draw.

Carrie’s first ball out for the 1st Prize of £150 was number 28, held by Mr James Jackson of Welling Kent. I believe he won a prize quite recently and so can perhaps be looked upon as, ‘Lucky Jim’. Congratulations.

For the second Prize of £100 Carrie extracted ball number 24 held by Mr John Woolf who resides in Blackheath London. Congratulations.

Third and final Prize of the month, £50, goes to Mr Archie Jewell, holder of number 69. He is a resident of Thundersley, Essex. Congratulations.

I need to stress to you all that it is essential we receive notification should you move home, change telephone number, email address, etc. in order that our records are up to date.

Because of the above not being followed correctly we recently had a winner’s cheque sent to an address that he had moved from but we had not been notified of. The gentleman’s son had been tasked to undertake the notification of the move but unfortunately it seems to have slipped his mind.

Luckily, the cheque was recovered from the previous house and reached the winner in good time.  

Finally, I have decided to shortly withdraw from being the Administrator of the 100 Club, something I have been doing for the last 16 years.

On the 1st of January 2024 John McArthur will take my place and carry on emailing you each month with the results etc.

Many of you will of course know John, aka “Chelsea John” and have heard his ‘Dulcitone’ from the Tannoy on match days.

Kind Regards to You All, and thank you for your support of Cray Wanderers 100 Club. long may it last. It really is very much appreciated.

Good Luck.



CWFC Life President.