Wishing a very Happy Christmas to all members of the Cray Massive and I hope you all have a great yuletide season. The best you can say the build up is it is a bit better than last year but what fates await us after Christmas remains to be seen.
A very Happy Christmas to our Chairman, Gary Hillman, CEO Sam Wright our club directors, Presidents, Club Secretary Martin Hodson, club committee and matchday helpers, sponsors, Manager, Santa, Danny Kedwell, the coaching staff and players, our youth team ladies in charge, Gill, Claire and Stacy, the coaches, players and parents, Alex Warner, Cray Wanderers Community Scheme, 100 Club Members, Jon Hilliger, Ozay Booth, MK Publications, club  historians, the staff of Bromley FC and all the supporters of our great club.  Take care, stay safe and have a great Christmas.