Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all well.
This afternoon the May 100 Club Draw took place in my daughter Natasha & husband Gary’s,
garden and once again I called upon grandchildren, Mia  and Archie
to extract the winning numbers.
Here are the results:
First number out, for a £150 prize, was 45, held by Anthony Pionk of Orpington Kent.
Second number, for a £65 prize, was 38, held by Nick Hillman, also of Orpington Kent.
Third, and final number of May Draw, for a prize of £35, was number 1, held by Phil Babbs
from, guess where, yes, Orpington Kent.
Congratulations to the winning trio, fingers crossed, it maybe your turn next month.
Thank you ALL for your support, so especially welcome in these difficult times, I cannot express
enough, how grateful we are.
Kindest Regards
P.S. Please be sure to let me know if you change: address/phone numbers/e-mail, etc.
CWFC Life President & 100 Club Administrator.