Hi All,
A forum of CWFC officials recently attended The Beehive hostelry in new Eltham to supervise the June 100 Club Draw.
To assist us in this important task we inveigled the aid of a patron of the establishment, Mr. Terry Catton, to extract the 3
winning numbered balls. Herewith are the results of his actions.
The Ist Prize of £200 goes to the holder of number 21, Trudy Jewell, who resides in Thundersley, Essex.
2nd Prize, of £75, is on its way to the holder of number 3, Mr. Jon Smith of St. Pauls Cray, Kent.
3rd Prize of £25 was won by the holder of number 53, Adrian Jewell, Trudy’s husband. However, Adrian
has informed me that he does not wish to receive the prize and has donated it back to Cray Wanders FC.
Thanks Adrian.
Now, something new.
At this point in the approach to a new season, the Club Manager, Neil Smith,( ‘Smudge’), is selecting
players to become his ‘Squad’. When he has made his selection their names will be shown in the match
programme on the ‘Sponsor a Player’ page.
So, we have decided to offer the following to all Members of the 100 Club.
If you Sponsor a player or players, you will be allocated a number or numbers that will give you an extra chance,
or chances, of winning a prize in that particular month’s Draw.
Once again I say thanks to you all for your continued support which is very much appreciated by Cray Wanderers FC.
Good Luck with the forthcoming Draws.
CWFC Life President
100 Club Administrator.