Hi, Members/Friends/Supporters/Fans, et al.

Yesterday a motley crew of the above together with an equally motley group of club officials, congregated at Flamingo Park to participate in and witness the extraction of the winning numbers from the Tombola for the June CWFC 100 Club Monthly Draw.

We were lucky enough to be able to call upon Gill Neville, the Secretary, and Major-domo of our Junior section of more than 30, and ever-increasing, teams of boys and girls.

Here are the results of Gill’s efforts.

The first number drawn, for the Prize of £150, was ‘2’, held by Peter Goringe of Woore in Shropshire. Peter is and has been, for many a year, a Supporter, Historian, and Keeper of Records for Cray Wanderers FC for which we are interminably grateful.

The second number drawn by Gill was ’44’, holder of which is Ron Keeley of Orpington Kent. Ron is the recipient of £65.

And lastly, the number for the third prize of £35 went to the holder of the number ’83’, Alan Borrett of Penge, London. 

Congratulations to our winning trio.

It is anticipated that the Draw for the month of JULY will take place in the Wig and Gown Hostelry in Dartford on Thursday 29th.The draw itself will be made between 1 pm- 3 pm….ish.All are invited to join us.

For the Months thereafter we hope to be able to hold the Monthly Draws live, during the half-time break in the last home fixture of that and every subsequent  month.

Many thanks to you all for your continuous support. I know I have said it before but, it really is much appreciated.

Stay Safe and kind Regards to All. 


K.Phillips, CWFC Life President &  Administrator of the CWFC 100 Club,