100 Club Draw Results for September


Hi Members of the CWFC 100 Club.

Yesterday, a small ensemble of tried and trusted CWFC Club Officials gathered in the historically named, Sir John Franklin Public house, to make the September Draw.

This establishment stands in Greenhithe alongside the River Thames, from where Sir John sailed with his two ships, Erebus and Terror, to find a passage through northern Canada.

 Sadly, it didn’t happen as both ships, Sir John and his crews, perished and disappeared until quite recently, when one of the ships was located.

Enough of this however, now the results of the Draw, helped by Alison, the Deputy Manageress who agreed to extract the winning numbered balls for us.

The First Prize, of £150, went to the holder of number: 39, which is, Mr. Daniel Hillman, who resides in Green St. Green.

The Second ball extracted, for the Prize of £100, goes to the holder of number: 1, Mandi Babbs, who the Cray Wanderers supporters will know well as the Clubs Programme Producer.  Mandi resides in Orpington, Kent.

Third and final Prize for the month of September, £50, went to holder of number 11, Mrs. Linda Hodson, a resident of St. Mary’s Cray.

Congratulations to our winners and the very best to you all for the next Draw, the one for October.

Thank You all for your Support of Cray Wanderers, long may it continue.



Kerry Phillips,

CWFC Life President &

100 Club Administrator.