This Sunday sees the February draw of the Cray Wanderers 100 Club which will take place at half time of the match with Merstham. We hope to have a special guest to be available to undertake the draw.

The 100 Club is run to help provide useful and often vital funds for the club without having to dip in to important budgets and offers excellent cash prizes throughout the year and not just the football season.

Here are the dates for the remaining draws for the 2019-20 season (please note can be subject to change)

FEBRUARY DRAW                                             Sunday 1st March

MARCH DRAW                                                  Sunday 29th March

APRIL DRAW                                                      Saturday 25th April

Results will be published on the Cray Wanderers club website as well as details of previous draws.


Recent 100 Club draws have been made by Nick Blue and main sponsor Mark Taylor

Subsequent draws for May-July are made on a tour basis usually consisting of somewhere with an ample collection of beer taps and optics.  These dates will be announced in due course and all are welcome to attend and enjoy some friendly banter.

If you would like to join the 100 Club please visit, the About – 100 Club page which will take you to an on-line form or print off a copy and send to the address given.  You can also pick up a form at Cray Wanderers home games, just ask for 100 Club President, Kerry Phillips who will be happy to sign you up.


Cray Wanderers Hall of Famers Ian Jenkins and John Dorey conducting 100 Club Draws. 

There are spaces available in the 100 Club so why not be part of the club’s exciting future and let your family, friends and neighbour know all are welcome.