Cray Wanderers 100 Club Draw Result – March 2024

Hello to all Members of the 100 Club.

Unfortunately, I have to start this message just in case you have not heard the sad news, that Kerry Phillips passed away suddenly on the 14th March. All involved in Cray Wanderers FC, officials and supporters, send their condolences to the Phillips Family. A true gentleman. I loved receiving his email correspondence, impressed by his use of language and his extensive vocabulary. I will attempt to emulate that in my correspondence but I did tell him that I may struggle but I’m always up for a challenge. Always, thought we had a connection, always kind and considerate. Used to address me as “Sunshine” or “Chelsea”. And of course, he thought of me and trusted me to take the 100 Club forward. Will miss our monthly “off season” 100 Club “meetings” held at various local hostelries around Kent. I hope I can do the role justice.

So, on Friday 29th March, at Hayes Lane, soon to be the former home of Cray Wanderers FC, during the half time interval of our match with Chatham Town, we held, believe it or not, the 100 Club draw for March. We enrolled the legend that is Eddy Davies, club manager back in the early 90s, to do the draw. Due to a PA malfunction – the lead came out from my MP3 player, killing the music – I was late getting down pitch side but these were the results of Eddy’s efforts.

Ball number 71 came out of the tombola first and the winner of £150 was Steve Hodson. Congratulations Steve. He was actually at the game and has already been handed his winners cheque.

Second Prize, for ball number 47, was Darren Attew, who wins £100. Congratulations to Darren. Can I please ask you Darren, to confirm your house number and the last 3 digits of your post code so I can make sure we have your correct address?

The third and final prize of £50, went to chairman, Gary Hillman, with ball number 7. Gary has kindly donated his winnings back to the Club.

Something that Kerry kept reminding me to do but I kept forgetting? Please could you advise me of any changes in your contact details; address, email or phone number. It will assist me in getting the prizes to the right places. It is hoped that soon I will be able to use Online banking soon, instead of using cheques, for those who prefer this method. Unfortunately, at time of writing, it seems that although, I am reassured that my name is on the bank mandate and I can see that my address is noted on Online Banking, all correspondence, including a card enabling me to make online payments, are still going to Kerry’s address, but with my name on. Apologies to the Phillips family. Still not much faith in the bank but ONE DAY?? It does make me wonder if the cheques I will be sending out are going to “bounce”? 

Steve and Darren? Obviously, let me know if the cheques do bounce.

Many thanks to all 100 Club members for their continued participation. It is greatly appreciated by all at Cray Wanderers FC. It is planned that April’s draw will be held at Cray’s final match at Hayes Lane, against Potters Bar Town, on Saturday 20th April, after which Cray Wanderers will be entering a new era in their illustrious history.

Until then. Be lucky and Happy Easter. And COYW!!


John McArthur

Admin of 100 Club and P.A at Cray Wanderers Football Club