Hi Everyone, Members, potential members, and friends.

Yesterday at Flamingo Park a group of some 30 /40 of the above gathered to witness the April 100 Club Draw.

Not only were they there for the draw they also met Cray Wanderer’s new Manager, Danny Kedwell, who very kindly, with the assistance of young Tommy Jackson, accepted the task of with-drawing the numbered balls from the Tombola.

Whilst this was going on a film crew, on behalf of the Museum of London, filmed the whole event including an interview with Cray Chairman, Gary Hillman, and virtually everything else that took place.

The Draw. 1st ball out, for the Prize of £160, went to the holder of number 46, Mr. Jerry Dowlen, a longtime, Supporter, Historian,Researcher, Writer of books, Poetry, and much else.

Jerry, who was present at the event, immediately, and very kindly, chose to donate his prize back to the Club. For which it is of course most grateful.

The Second Prize of £65 was won by the holder of number 73, Miss Beckie Goringe, currently domiciled in Bradford. 

The third Prize, £35, goes to Daniel Hillman, holding number 39. Daniel resides in Green-St-Green, Kent. 

Yesterday was the first opportunity, for goodness knows how long, we have been able to enjoy making the Draw live for everyone to come along and witness. We sincerely hope there will be many such days in the future.
Having the Draw at Flamingo Park was the idea of Cray Wanderer’s CEO, Sam Wright, who worked hard to lay on the  barand refreshment facility.

Well done and thanks, Sam.

Keep watching the Cray Wanderers website for further interesting reasons to follow, and to join in with, Cray’s future Plans.

Thank you All for your support, it really is important to us and you are very much appreciated. 

Good Luck, keep safe, and enjoy the summer.
Kind Regards,


CWFC Life President & 100 Club Administrator.