A note for you all form the Isthmian League regarding Project restart and the potential scenarios for starting the season which must only happen with paying supporters in attendance. The FA has set out proposals to the DCMS (Dept for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport) which have been well received but would now be down to central Government to make the final say on when the season can start with fans.


The FA proposals have given the league five scenarios to start the season with fans only (no other option wanted)

1) Start the season on 19th September – end 8th May with playoffs. Deadline for Government approval – 21st August (this Friday)

2) Start the season on 3rd October – 15th May with playoffs

Deadline for Government approval – 4th September

3) Start the season on 10th October – 15th May – Top 2 up only, no playoffs – Deadline for Approval – 11th September

4) Start the season on 17th October – 15th May – Top 2 up only, no playoffs – Deadline for Approval – 18th September

5) Gets complicated – The Premier would start with two mini leagues which would see each team play each other home home & away – then would join up with the other division with PPG to decide placings but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that and the Government approve option 1. For more clarity on this and all the above please click the link here.