10 Questions About You

Alright gents, it’s Oz. Hope you’re all well and safe during this weirdness. I’d like to post some “player profiles” on Social Media and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind filling out the 10 questions below for me. Shouldn’t take you too long and I’d really appreciate it! Hopefully see you all soon!

What is your name?

1. Who is / was your biggest influence?

2. What is your favourite football memory?

3. Do you have any football superstitions?

4. Apart from Cray... Who do you support?

5. Who is your footballing idol?

6. What is your favourite Cray moment?

7. Who is your favourite player from Cray to play with?

8. Best ground you've played at?

9. Do you have advice for anyone trying to get into football?

10. In 3 word, describe the gaffer - Tony Russell