Hello to You All, 100 Club Members, Friends, and Supporters of Cray Wanderers FC.
On Saturday we experienced a day of almost normality!  At long last, we were able to make the 100 Club Draw
where and when it was originally always planned to take place. Live, during the half-time break in the last home
fixture of the given month.
To effect the Draw we called upon a Cray Wands legend, the one, and only, Jon Main. Older Members will recall
Jon from his playing days with Cray and his career thereafter. Nowadays he is assisting Manager, Danny Kedwell
in coaching the current Cray squad.
Jon pulled out ball number 51 for the 1st Prize of £150 which goes to Mr. Martin Wetherall of Bromley Kent.
The second ball drawn out was number 60 the holder of which is Mr. J. Quinn of Braintree, Essex. He receives £65.
The third ball drawn was number 40, so 3rd Prize of  £35 goes to the holder of that number, Mr. J. Gold of Dartford Kent.
Congratulations to all our winners this month and the Best of Luck to you all for September’s Draw which is scheduled to
take place during the fixture, Cray Wanderers v Wingate & Finchley FC. on Wednesday 29th of September K-O 7.45 pm.
Can I remind you all to let me know if you move residence, change your phone number, or email address. I don’t want to
send a winner’s cheque to the wrong person!
Whilst the 100 Membership continues to slowly grow in numbers we are always delighted to receive new applications to join.
If you can help in spreading the word, it will be much appreciated and of course help to increase the Prize money!
  Regards to You All,
CWFC Life President,
& Administrator of the CWFC Monthly Draw ‘100 Club’.