Hi All,

Yesterday  (3rd July) ‘four good men and true’ gathered together in a very pleasant hostelry, The Beehive, located in New Eltham, to undertake the June Draw of the 100 Club.

Coincidentally it so happened that the gentleman who kindly made the draw about a year ago, on our last visit to this venue, Mr Terry Catton, was in the establishment, so we asked him too once again perform the task of making the important draw. Terry’s first dive into the Tombola extracted the number 70, the holder of which is Ms Lorraine Jackson of Bexleyheath, who wins the 1st Prize of £150. 

Carrying on, Terry then came up with the number 62 held by Mr Richard Stone of Green-St-Green, and made him the winner of the 2nd Prize of £100.

The 3rd Prize of £50 goes to Mr Alan Borrett, the holder of number 83. Alan resides in Penge, London.

Congratulations to our 3 winners and thanks to Terry for his help with the draw.

The date and venue of the next draw, for the month of July, is not yet decided upon but will be shown on the Cray Wanderers website nearer the end of the month.

All members are welcome to join us and witness the draws take place. 

The football season for 2023/24 will start, as far as Cray Wanderers are concerned, on Saturday the 12th of August and will therefore allow the Monthly Draws to take place at half-time during the last home game of each month, when possible.

Thank you very much for your support and the very best of luck in the draws.

Finally, Do Please remember to let me know if you change your address, phone number, email address, etc.  so, records can be kept up to date.

Thanks All,


Kerry Phillips, CWFC Life President