Please see here confirmation of Cray Wanderers opening pre-season fixture on Saturday 6th July vs SE Dons and the first of six home games at our new Flamingo Park home. Please note the 1 pm kick off with a potential England Euro 2024 Quarter-Final later that afternoon (keep the faith! You never know).
SE Dons have been a social media Sunday side sensation since their 2011 formation but for the 2024-25 season, Andy Ansah’s club will be competing as a Saturday side in the SCEFL Division One so playing at non-league level 6 for the first time. The Dons had a brief spell playing at Flamingo Park in the 2019-20 season.
To celebrate this step up, the Dons have chosen Cray Wanderers as their first Saturday pre-season fixture and a chance for supporters to get back into the swing of things if you are feeling the post-season has just been too long.
Please see here also the complete list of pre-season games
Sat 6th July vs. SE Dons: H: 1 pm
Sat 13th July vs. Sheffield: H: 3 pm
Tickets in advance are available at for both games.
Thurs 18th July vs. VCD Athletic: A: 7.45 pm
Sat 20th July vs. Bromley U21s: H: 3 pm
Tues 23rd July vs. Millwall XI: H: 7.45 pm
Fri 26th July vs. Crystal Palace XI: H: 7.45 pm
Sat 3rd August vs. Beckenham Town: A: 3 pm
Tues 6th August vs. Tottenham Hotspur XI: H: 7.30 pm
Now you can plan the month of July accordingly and look forward to what will be an exciting, new adventure for Cray Wanderers FC this season.